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Top-Rated Caregivers
of South Central Florida
Superior Safety. VIP Concierge Service.
Specialty Areas
Specialty Areas
In Home Caregiving
We here at Close to Home Caregivers are equipped to help you and your family through the challenges of Dementia.
In Home Caregiving
Our caregivers will promote recovery and take measures from preventing another stroke from occuring, all the while keeping you informed.
Assisted Living
Keeping the care close to home is something we specialize in. When we take care of you, there's not a moment you won't have peace of mind.
Adam G.
They're extremely reliable. Whenever I needed their assistance they were right there to help me.
Kim C.
We didn't know what to do after my father recovered from his stroke. Thank you for helping us!
Muriel M.
Getting around the house has become hard. They're so sweet and caring. Thank you so much!
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Top-Rated Caregivers of South Central Florida

Superior Safety. VIP Concierge Service.

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Providing Loving Care Close to Home

From short shifts to overnight stays, we are here for you.


At Home Assisted Living

Close To Home Caregivers is created to assist your loved one as they live life the way they want to, living where they want to live and doing the things they want to do as if they needed no help at all.

We would love to get to know you or your loved one.  Complete the form to the left or give us a call for a  FREE In Home courtesy visit.  We are here to answer any questions you may have.   Many answers could be found on our “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

For more details on how our care is customized to fit your needs and preferences, visit our “Getting Started” page.   There you will see 3 easy steps and know exactly what to expect. Our contact information is posted there and the owner will meet with you personally.

Benefits of Close To Home Caregivers over an assisted living facility


  • Continue living in your own home- Our caregivers come to your loved one’s home. Your loved one gets to continue living in the home he/she loves and has memories in.
  • Easier to convince your loved one to get help- The transition to getting care is not as drastic as an assisted living facility (no moving, familiar environment, still picks the same schedule). Convincing a Senior of the need for help early is crucial in preventing life-altering/ending disasters, such as fires, mistaken medications, and falls.
  • Your loved one is not “being put in an old people’s home”- Perhaps the largest drawback of assisted living facilities is the rejection and abandonment that many Seniors feel. When you hire Close To Home Caregivers, your loved one is not being sent away. The help they need is being brought in. Many of our clients have noted the closeness, love, and appreciation they feel toward their families because of our service.


In Home Care


In Home Care

Assisted Living

In Home Care

Our Main Ideals

Superior Safety and Care

Close To Home Caregivers is the safest home caregiver service in the area. We have studied the other providers, listened to their clients, and developed systems to create a better service. With our service, your loved one will be safe. They will have a safe environment. They will have a safe and service-oriented caregiver. And with Close To Home Caregivers, they have partnered with a company that is focused on the feeling of safety throughout their entire experience.

At Close To Home Caregivers, we recognize that Safety is the #1 factor in the decision to get help for our loved ones. Perhaps your loved one fell, started a kitchen fire, has begun wandering, or you have the forethought to see a dangerous situation forming, the need to provide a safety is crucial.

Home Safety Assessment

Before a caregiver even enters the home, a Home Safety Assessment will be completed and plans will be created to make the home environment as safe as reasonably possible. The assessment will include the identification of trip hazards, fire hazards, potential grab bar positioning, dangerous objects, potential lighting issues, wander prevention recommendations, a medication consolidation safety reminder, and a discussion of a necessary evacuation plan. Recommendations are usually very minor in cost but can make a huge difference in the level of safety.

Feeling of Safety

None of us like to feel vulnerable, especially to people we do not know. To bypass this unnecessary additional unease, your loved one will meet their caregiver prior to their first shift together. They have a chance to talk, get to know one another, and if there is a personality clash, we have the ability to bring in a different caregiver.

Safe Caregivers

Each caregiver, by law, has passed a level-2 background check. Additionally, a caregiver is only hired if Jason Close, the owner/operator of Close To Home, feels they would be safe enough to leave with his most vulnerable and loved family members.

VIP Concierge Service

Close To Home Caregivers is the most service oriented at home caregiver service. Our VIP concierge service ensures that your loved one will be taken care of. Your caregiver will cook, clean, do laundry, run errands, take your loved on to doctors appointments, and the list goes on and on and on. For a long, healthy life, your loved one needs to do things that are meaningful, enjoyable, and necessary. A caregiver can help so those things are possible again.

You may have noticed that as your loved one has aged, some chores have not been getting done. One daughter (who lived out of town) was horrified when she visited her parents. The formerly spotless home was now full of trash, roaches, and mice. Her mother was no longer able to take out the trash, or do basic cleaning, and had been too proud to tell anyone.

Fortunately, that situation was easily fixed, but it demonstrates how quickly the inability to do basic chores can deteriorate a living situation. Hiring an excellent caregiver can be the difference between horrible living conditions and corresponding short life span AND a clean, healthy living environment that fosters a high quality, long life.

At Close To Home Caregivers, we want your loved one to live a long, safe, happy life. Of course, there are things out of our control. But by creating a safe and clean home environment with nourishing food, medication reminders, and an observant professional keeping a watchful eye and encouraging activity, we can greatly contribute to that goal we all want for our loved ones: a long, happy, fulfilling life.

What Makes Us Unique…

“Superior Safety. VIP Concierge Service.”

Although the caregiving industry is wonderful and helps many people, it still has significant room for improvement. So I started Close To Home Caregivers LLC knowing that I will constantly be listening to my clients and improving the service. But you can be certain of 1 thing, Close To Home Caregivers will always focus on its core purpose; meeting our clients needs with  VIP-level concierge service with a focus on Safety…
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