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In Home Stroke Caregiving

Strokes are sudden and unexpected, and recovering from them often brings about unexpected challenges. Seniors are not always equipped to take on these challenges on their own which can cause a number of issues. They can fail to maintain a healthy diet, participate in proper physical activity, and even fail to follow medical orders that were issued to them. In order to overcome these challenges, in home caregiving is the answer. We here at Close to Home Caregiving are equipped to assist patients through their stroke recovery. Our goal is not just to help them feel safe in their home once more, but to also help them achieve the independence they once had before the stroke.

Our in home caregiving for strokes is tailored to each patient’s needs. The recovery time from a stroke is different for everyone; while some will recover quickly others will require more time. Some strokes leave permanent limitations which will mean that they will need to make adjustments and possibly accept assistance for a longer period of time. Each patient will manage stroke recovery differently and we’ll be there to assist them at every step of the way. Our flexible schedule allows us to be there around the clock without any disruptions to their routines.

How We Help

We here at Close to Home Caregiving are experienced and well equipped when it comes to assisting with the recovery from a stroke. Each caregiver is trained to promote recovery and take measures that will help prevent another stroke from occurring. Our caregivers will help with:

  • Personal care like bathing, grooming, and dressing assistance.
  • Toileting
  • Transferring and positioning
  • Mobility assistance
  • Companionship
  • Medication, meal, and fluid reminders
  • Meal preparation, special diet, and feeding assistance
  • Transportation to therapies and appointments

Our caregivers will also keep you informed on your loved one’s progress, and they will also make sure that recommendations made by a doctor are being strictly followed. Recovery is also engaged for your loved one through daily conversations so that they can slowly but surely restore their speech.

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