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From a young age, I had a desire to help people. I have run service based businesses, been a youth and children’s pastor, and worked with charities. But I found my niche when I began serving the senior population. As a certified Senior Home Safety Specialist, I have had the privilege of speaking with many seniors about their “aging in place” preferences. When we get to the topic of having a caregiver, the issues I hear can be summed up in 2 things:

  • Safety- I need to feel safe.
    • I need a caregiver who I am comfortable with. Not a new one every day.
    • I need a caregiver who will show up so I am not left alone.
  • VIP Concierge Service- I need someone to take care of the things I can no longer do.
    • I need a caregiver who understands the things that need to happen around the house.
    • I need a caregiver who doesn’t give me an attitude when I ask for something to be done.

I have found that those concerns are not being sufficiently addressed by my competition or by the industry as a whole. A mentor once told me, “In any industry you dedicate your life to, make it better than the way you found it”. Although the caregiving industry is wonderful and helps many people, it still has significant room for improvement. So I started Close To Home Caregivers LLC knowing that I will constantly be listening to my clients and improving the service. But you can be certain of 1 thing, Close To Home Caregivers will always focus on its core purpose; meeting our clients needs with  VIP-level concierge service with a focus on Safety, giving seniors a chance to “age in place” in a way that suits their preferences AND assures the family that “it’s all taken care of”.

Jason Close

Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist and Owner of Close To Home Caregivers LLC

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