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December 17, 2021
The 7 Best Gifts to Give Your Elderly Loved One
Best Gifts for the Elderly

The 7 Best Gifts to Give Your Elderly Loved One

The Amazon cart stared back, empty – seeming to mock my lack of inspiration and creativity. The latest Kindle? A pair of cozy holiday socks? A holiday-themed tie? A box of ramen? Okay, I was really reaching on that last one… I was stumped to find the perfect gift for my aging parents. With the holidays fast approaching, you might be in the same uninspired, empty Amazon holiday cart as me. Are you too desperately hunting for the ideal gift, something meaningful, enjoyable, useful?

For your aging, elderly parents or grandparents who may be experiencing health issues, memory loss, or loneliness, the perfect holiday gift could bring joy and comfort. 

Well, fill up your cocoa cup, grab your candy canes, and be inspired by our 7 best gifts for your elderly loved one.


1. A Game/Activity Book

Games and Activity books can be a fantastic way to engage the mind, keeping it young. 

Here are a few ideas:


  • Big Letter Bananagrams (For seniors who love words)
  • Ticket to Ride (For seniors who love to explore)
  • Scattegories (For seniors who enjoy fast-paced games)
  • Hive (For seniors who enjoy chess)
  • Uno and Skip-bo (For seniors who love cards)
  • Video games for the Wii or other consoles (For seniors who love gaming)

Activity Books:

  • Paint-by-number book
  • Soduko
  • Crosswords
  • Adult coloring book
  • Jeopardy challenge activity book 


2. A Personalized Keepsake

Give a gift that highlights memories, moments, and time to remind your loved one of how much their treasured presence in your life means to you.

  • A custom photo album (Walmart and Shutterfly make creating a custom photo album easy)
  • A Custom photo calendar (Again Shutterfly or Walmart)
  • Digital photo frame (Aluratek offers a 32GB USB flash drive frame for $37)
  • Arrange for holiday flowers and a card to be delivered to them 
  • A family tree – a beautiful piece to highlight your loved one’s roots and legacy
  • Capture Their Story – a book that enables your loved one to put their story in writing to share with future generations


3. An Experience

Give the gift of your time to your loved one this holiday! Pair your gift with a handwritten note to add meaning and thought to your present. Writing a message lets your loved one know that you pay attention and have noted their passions, hobbies, and areas of interest. 

  • A date day – arrange to take your elderly loved one to their favorite restaurant, to do their favorite activity, or to spend time together. 
  • If you live far away, consider hiring SilverRide, a door-through-door assisted ride service to take them
  • A gift certificate to a favorite restaurant
  • The gift of pampering through a gift certificate for a haircut, pedicure, or massage
  • An online art, language, computer, music, fitness class
  • Tickets to a favorite museum, concert, ballet, musical, or sporting event


4. Physical Fitness 

It is crucial to stay not only mentally but physically fit as you age. Encourage your loved one to continue exercising through these thoughtful gifts. Additionally, write a small note to include information on a local seniors walking group or fitness class.

  • Water flosser or electric toothbrush
  • Foot spa to help relax and soothe
  • Heated blanket for those cold nights
  • Lightweights, such as 2- or 4-pound dumbbells
  • Yoga mat
  • Stretch bands
  • Water bottles – water bottles can be a fun, personalized gift


5. Senior Specific (Still Stylin’) Clothing

Specialized clothing can make life easier for a loved one experiencing limited mobility, incontinence, arthritis, or other medical challenges. 

  • Silvert’s and Buck & Buck offer stylish adaptive clothing and shoes to help fit your loved one’s lifestyle and season in life.
  • A cozy cardigan
  • Compression socks – improve circulation and reduce swelling and come in fun and stylish patterns
  • House slippers with safe non-skid soles are ideal – check out Muk Luks


6. Mobility

Losing your independence when experiencing restricting mobility can be extremely frustrating and depressing. Make moving around easier with these thoughtful gift ideas!

  • Medical Walker Ski Glides: an excellent stocking stuffer choice, these bad boys make it easier to use a walker
  • Standard HandyBar Portable Vehicle Support Grab Bar: this inexpensive tool enables seniors to get in and out of the car with ease
  • Standard Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar “No-install” Tension Pole – does your loved one struggle to get up from the couch, recliner, or toilet? This sturdy tension pole will help.
  • GoGoGrandparent gift card is the perfect gift for your loved one who doesn’t have a smartphone or isn’t comfortable using it to book an Uber or Lyft. No mobile apps are required, and a live person is just a few buttons away.


7. Peace of Mind

  • Help reduce monthly bills: Reducing monthly bills, even by a small amount, can help relieve stress for your aging loved one. Consider covering one small bill, such as the phone or cable bill, for 1-6 months.

Finally, if your loved one is experiencing chronic health struggles, loneliness, or a recent traumatic medical emergency, such as stroke, give them the gift of peace of mind while enjoying their independence this holiday season by exploring an at-home caregiver. Reach out to us at Close to Home Caregivers to learn how we can help give your family the gift of peace, comfort, and support this holiday season! 

From everyone at Close to Home Caregivers, we wish you and your loved ones a joyous, merry, and bright holiday!























Published: December 17, 2021
Author: Close To Home Caregivers
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